Heavy Duty Full Electric Pallet Truck (2000 kg)

Experience superior performance and safety with our XPA20 Series Electric Pallet Truck, equipped with top-quality components and advanced safety features.


Heavy Duty Full Electric Pallet Truck – XPA20 Series, engineered with top-of-the-line components for optimal performance and safety.

Standard Features:

  • Utilizes SWISS BUCHER brand Hydraulic pump for reliable operation.
  • Features regenerative braking function for energy efficiency.
  • Equipped with AC CURTIS electronic controller for precise control.
  • Includes Germany brand ZF gear box for smooth transmission.
  • Side battery pull-out system for convenient maintenance.
  • Enhanced safety features such as emergency reversing device and power disconnect switch.
  • Braking applied in both handle upright and horizontal positions for added safety.
  • Five-point structure ensures stability during operation.


Product Model DesignationXPA20
Drive UnitElectric
Operate TypeStanding or Pedestrian
Load CapacityQ (kg)2000
Load CenterC (mm)600
Load Distance, Center of Drive Axle to Fork BackX (mm)140
WheelbaseY (mm)1300
Truck Weight (Without Battery)kg475
Axle Loading, Loaded (Front/Rear)kg1077/1696
Axle Loading, Unloading (Front/Rear)kg441/128
Drive Wheel Sizemm⌀230x75
Loaded Wheel Sizemm⌀80x70
Balance Wheel Sizemm⌀100x40
Wheel Number, Front/Rear (x=driven)1x-2/4
Treaded, Frontmm525
Treaded, Rearmm390
Height, Mast Loweredh1, mm1345
Lift Heighth3, mm205
Forks Height, Loweredh5, mm85
Height of Tiller in Drive Position (Max./Min.)h6, mm1345/985
Overall LengthL1, mm1882
Length to Face of ForksL2, mm732
Overall Widthb1, mm784
Fork Dimensionss/e/l, mm180/55/1200
Maximum Forks Widthb3, mm570/680
Minimum Ground ClearanceM, mm30
Aisle Width for Pallets 800x1200 LengthwaysAst, mm2132
Turning RadiusWa, mm1716
Travel Speed (Loaded/Unload)km/h5.2/6
Lift Speed (Loaded/Unload)mm/s40/50
Lowering Speed (Loaded/Unload)mm/s50/40
Max Grade Ability (Loaded/Unload)%8/15
Service BrakeElectromagnetic Brake
Drive Motor RatingkW1.5 (AC)
Lift Motor RatingkW2.2
Battery Voltage/CapacityV/Ah24/210
Battery Weightkg240
Control Unit TypeMosfet Control
Sound LevelDb(A)<70