Plunger Pumps

WHAT IS Plunger Pumps

A plunger pump is a well-known form of reciprocating pump that features a fixed high-pressure seal and a smooth cylindrical plunger that slides over it. The plunge pump is distinguished from the piston pump by these two characteristics. It has a higher pressure capacity than a piston pump. As a result, it can be used in high-pressure applications.

To suck and pressurize the fluid, piston and plunger pumps use a cylinder that expands and constricts. The chamber expands and constricts due to the reciprocating action of the plunger (upward and downward; back and forth) rather than a circular (rotating) movement because these are reciprocating pumps.]

Because of the high pumping pressure, a plunger pump is also known as a high viscosity pump, high-pressure pump, or high-pressure pump. Both solid and viscous materials can be pumped with these pumps. These reciprocating pumps are used to pump wastewater from both industrial and municipal sources.

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Very High Pressure Plunger Pump

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Pressure Plunger Pump

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Mist & Car Wash Pump

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The number of cylinders indicates the pump’s power. The fluid pressure will increase as the number of cylinders increases. The plunger pump is divided into 3 categories based on the number of cylinders:

  1. Simplex Pump – For fluid pressurization, this pump only has one cylinder. It also just has one plunger in the cylinder that moves. Hand pumps, hot oils, water jetting, steam pumps, and pump jacks are all examples of applications for these pumps.
  2. Duplex Plunger Pump – The duplex pump, as its name implies, has two cylinders for pressurizing the fluid. A plunger is included in each cylinder. Bauxite slurry, hot oil, coal slurry, drilling mud, cement, ore slurry, and steam are all applications for these pumps.
  3. Triplex Plunger Pump – For fluid compression, the triplex pump has three cylinders. There are three plungers on it (one plunger for each cylinder).
  1. These pumps are capable of producing more pressure than piston pumps.
  2. The plunger pump’s performance is unaffected by variations in flow rate or pressure.
  3. These have the capability to pump abrasives and slurries.
  4. These are capable of transporting viscous and heavy materials.
  5. They have the ability to self-prime.

A plunger pump works in much the same way as a piston pump. The main distinction is that a plunger pump transfers fluid via a plunger rather than a piston.

  1. Cleaning applications
  2. Coal liquefaction
  3. Process technology for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  4. Pressure testing
  5. Urea production
  6. Surface preparation
  7. Oil and gas production