Skate & Jack

WHAT IS Skate & Jack

A jack is a mechanical lifting device that can be used to apply massive forces or lift large loads. For raising heavy equipment, a mechanical jack uses a screw thread. Hydraulic power is used by a hydraulic jack.

A car jack, floor jack, or garage jack is the most common type, which elevates vehicles so that maintenance may be conducted. The maximum lifting capacity of jacks is frequently specified (for example, 1.5 tonnes or 3 tons). Many tonnes of load can be supported by industrial jacks.

Load moving skates are mechanical handling devices that transfer heavy gear and other goods throughout the workplace. Machinery skates often have nylon, polyurethane, or steel wheels/castors, and are less frequently equipped with roller tracks, such as tank tracks (Economical and ideal for general workshop moving jobs, all types of machine tools, fabrication, etc).

The optimal surface for materials load moving skates is a flat, smooth surface that is free of dirt or other impediments. A pair of fixed wheel rear trailing skates with a tie bar are normally included with a set of machinery skates.

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Industrial Toe Jacks – TL SERIES

Ideal for house moving, machinery instllation and application at shipyard, bridge or plant construction sites.

Machinery Jacks – TB SERIES

Ideal for house moving, machinery instllation and application at shipyard, bridge or plant construction sites

Forklift Jack – HFJ SERIES

Specially designed hydraullic pump with german seal kits and overload valve. Lifts up to 7000 kg load capacity.

Hydraulic Jacks – HM SERIES

Compact and stable construction. Can be used in any position. Lifts up to 25 tonnes load capacity.

Steel Jacks – HVS SERIES

Developed in accordance with the latest safety regulations. Lift up to 20 tonnes load capacity.

Trailer Stabilising Jacks – TJ SERIES

Ratchet screw design to increase and lower jack height. Holds up to 45 tonnes capacity.

Farm Jacks – HBG SERIES

 Great for lifting tractors or heavy trucks, pulling posts or poles, or even serves as multi purpose hoist or winch.

Mechanical Screw Jack – TRB SERIES

1 year Warranty on Manufacturing Defects. Up to 32 Tons Lifting Capacity.



Fixed Type Skates – SW SERIES

Objects can be lifted with a roller crowbar or hydraullic jack, to allow the skates to be positioned underneath the object.

Complete Skate Kits – SK SERIES

Steering handle gives you precise control making it easy to manoeuvre large machinery or into tight areas.

Roller Skid – WCRA SERIES

ONE PIECE fully casted design, non-welded, for maximum strength. Up to 70 tons load capacity.

Steerable Skates – ET SERIES

Steerable skate design for easier manoeuvrability. Holds up to 20 tonnes per skate.

Packing Plate – PC SERIES

To compensate the difference in height between skates with turntable and skates without turntable.

Load Moving Roller Skate – WL/WF SERIES

Heavy Duty & Solid Structure Design Guaranteed. Up to 120 tons load capacity.

360 Degrees Rotating Roller Skid – WCRP SERIES

Heavy Duty & Solid Structure Design Guaranteed. Up to 16 tons load capacity per set.

Roller Skates – RS SERIES

Stable, rugged and low level construction.Holds up to 80 tonnes per skate.



To begin with, the operating principle is different.

The hydraulic jack works on the Pascal principle, which states that the pressure across a liquid is the same. The pressure on the smaller piston is lower in a balanced system, while the pressure on the bigger piston is higher. As a result, various pressures at separate ends can be obtained by liquid transmission to achieve the transformation goal.

The mechanical jack works on the premise of reciprocating the handle to revolve the ratchet wheel. The tiny bevel gear rotates the weight lifting screw and powers the large bevel gear, allowing the lifting sleeve to be elevated or lowered to achieve the lifting tension function.

Second, there are differences in the characteristics

Hydraulic jacks have a small form and provide reliable service. Mechanical jacks have a basic structure, a big lifting capacity, are lightweight, easy to transport, maintain, and are safe to use

Third, the application’s scope varies.

Mechanical jacks are commonly used for railway vehicle maintenance, mining support, construction engineering support, and lifting and lowering of big objects in general. Hydraulic jacks are utilized daily on building sites and for heavy-duty support in traffic accidents.

  1. The oil is moved between two cylinders by a pump plunger, which creates pressure.
  2. The system causes the suction valve to suck oil into the pump chamber by pulling the pump plunger back.
  3. The system lowers the plunger, allowing oil to flow into the cylinder chamber via an external discharge valve.
  4. When the suction valve closes, the pressure inside the chamber rises.
  5. The piston rises as the pressure builds up, lifting your heavy object.
  1. Make sure the truck is in good working order and that there are no signs of wear and tear to safeguard your safety.

Toe jacks (floor jacks) will be necessary during the positioning operation. Toe jacks are a form of heavy machinery used to lift or lower huge, heavy objects onto load-moving skates. Simply purchase four low-profile toe jacks and lift the equipment or thing you want to move to use this useful piece of equipment.

The object will be high enough to slide the moving skate under all four corners of the toe jacks are used. When you’re sure the machine is in place and the object is properly positioned, slowly release the toe jacks. The object’s weight should be spread evenly to ensure stability. The steering bars should then be attached, and the machine should be moved to its new place.

Because of the weight of the apparatus or object being transported, high-quality machine skates are essential. Polyurethane wheels, which have a higher load-bearing capability than rubber wheels, are frequently used in machine-moving skates. Polyurethane wheels are also resistant to oil and solvents.

Furthermore, they are tear-resistant, weather-resistant, and temperature-resistant. Aside from all of these advantages, they also lessen the possibility of your working floor being damaged. As a result, it’s critical to find the proper version of this product, which will vary based on your workplace.

This device has a bottom platform with wheels on which a weight may be placed, allowing heavy goods to be moved quickly and easily.

When you or a member of your team is transporting varied loading weights, it’s critical that your equipment has high-quality platforms and wheels to withstand the pressure. Depending on the requirements, different systems are available to hold a variety of loads.

They’re easy to utilize for both you and your team. You can expect the majority of your coworkers to utilize them without any instruction. The safety inspections are simple, and controlling the steering with the steering bar is simple.

To avoid any potential hazards, your employees or others on your worksite who use this piece of equipment should be cautious of the surface on which they are moving machines.

Adding extra features to your skate to fit your environment should help secure the load. Skates, when purchased from a reliable supplier such as ourselves, are comprised of high-quality materials and require only minimal maintenance.