Scissor Lift Table

WHAT IS Scissor Lift Table

A scissor lift table is a mechanically lifted platform that can be altered to any height. Lift tables improve the efficiency of your work processes by eliminating the need for manual lifting, improving ergonomy, leveling vertical distances, and increasing the flexibility of your work spaces.

A scissor lift table is a lift platform that is commonly used in manufacturing, retail, packing, logistics, production lines, construction, and the food sector for products and material handling.

Hydraulic cylinders are used to raise and lower a lift table. The typical hydraulic lift table has a lifting capacity of 7000 kg and a total lift height of 4 meters and a half. The length of the tabletop plates ranges from 90 cm to 4,4 meters. Scissor lift trolleys are another option for lifting tables.

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Scissor Lift Table FROM PUMPUP SDN BHD

TYPE OF Scissors Lift Table & ACCESSORIES

Mobile Scissors Lift Table

Stationary Scissors Lift Table

Aerial Work Platform (Scissors/ Mast)

Scissors Lift Table Accessories

Scissors Lift Table FROM PUMPUP SDN BHD

Manual Lift & Tilt Table – BL SERIES

Allow operator to feed and unload parts from tote boxes or containers quickly without lifting, bending, stretching or reaching.

Loading Table – HY2500

For loading and unloading goods between ground and containers/trucks. Lifts up to 2500kg load capacity.

Scissors Access Lift – ES SERIES

Battery powered elevation with in-built variable charger 110V and 240V. Stable safe working load of 240kg.

Hydraulic Work Positioners – XH15

Reduces strain by adjusting to the height and angle of the working position required. Up to 1070mm table height.

Mobile Lift Table – ESF / ESM SERIES

Meets EN-1570 norm and ANSI/ASME safety standards. Lifts up to 800kg load capacity

Stationary Electric Lift Table – HW SERIES

For use in food industries, clean room, pharmaceutical, etc… Extremely easy and light to pump.

Self-Propelled Aerial Platform – SPAP SERIES

A scissor lift table is a mechanically lifted platform that can be altered to any height.

Adjustable Work Positioners – XL SERIES

Multiple table height choices, for different applications. Up to 150kg load capacity.



A scissor lift table is a useful piece of equipment for raising a work surface to a comfortable working height. Manual labor is notorious for causing back issues. Over time, the repetitive motions of bending and lifting can take their toll. A scissor lift table is one method for reducing harm; whether loading and unloading cars or stacking shelves, a scissor lift relieves an operator of the stress of carrying big products.

Technicians can also utilize scissor lifts to help them with repairs. An industrial scissor lift table keeps equipment close at hand and allows technicians to work in a more comfortable posture.  It boosts efficiency and safety. Scissor lift tables come in a variety of sizes and may be used in a variety of applications. If these models aren’t right for your needs, a good manufacturer will work with you.

There are 4 Types Of Scissor Lifts Available in The Market

  • Hydraulic Scissor Lift
  • Diesel Scissor Lift
  • Electric Scissor Lift
  • Rough Terrain Scissor Lift
  • Pneumatic Scissor Lift

Hydraulic scissor lifts can be utilized both inside and outside. Electric motors or compressed air are used to power hydraulic scissor lifts. These hydraulic machines work by pushing liquid from one cylinder to the next. When the liquid enters the other cylinder, the lift is pushed upwards, and the same is true when the lift is lowered. Warehouses, construction sites, and infrastructure projects all use hydraulic scissor lifts.

Diesel scissor lifts are noisy equipment that runs on standard diesel fuel. Diesel scissor lifts are best used in outdoor construction where there is space for ventilation and the noise will not disturb other workers because they emit fumes into the environment and are noisy. Large platforms are common on diesel equipment, which is handy for working in outdoor environments.

Instead of burning gasoline, an electric scissor lift uses an electric battery. Electric scissor lifts do not produce any fumes or make any loud noises, making them perfect for usage in enclosed locations. These machines are also smaller, less bulky, and have narrower platforms, allowing them to work in tighter locations. Scissor lifts for indoor use include non-marking tires to prevent floor damage.

The rough terrain scissor lift is a popular scissor lift that has amplified power for increased productivity in tough outdoor job sites. Internal combustion engines, such as diesel, petrol, or gas, are commonly used in scissor lifts. The increased productivity gives the traction and pace that major building sites require. 

A pneumatic scissor lift is powered by air rather than electricity or hydraulics, making it extremely clean and low-maintenance. Where operator control is necessary and shop air is available, such as manufacturing warehouses, food processing facilities, or paint stations, the pneumatic scissor lift is perfect. 

Scissor lifts are extremely stable and safe. However, if not utilised appropriately, any piece of equipment might become dangerous. Always observe the manufacturer’s directions and maximum weight limits when using scissor lifts to keep them safe.

Never operate a scissor lift without first receiving sufficient training, and never use one if the job location is unsafe.

Outside, scissor lifts can be use. Rough terrain scissor lifts, in reality, were designed expressly for use on rough and uneven terrain. Outdoor use was considered when designing the tyres and engine power. In some cases, they are better suited for outdoor use than a boom lift because they do not require as much space to manoeuvre.

The lifting capacity of most scissor lifts is roughly 200kg, which should be plenty for x2 average-sized workers. Some larger difficult terrain scissor lifts can lift to 600kg, which is enough for six average-sized employees. For the particular lift capability of each piece of equipment, consult the manufacturer’s specification sheet, which should not be exceeded for health and safety purposes.