Drum Equipment

WHAT IS Drum Equipments

Producing food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other chemical compounds needs the storage of a wide range of barrels containing various liquids or powders. These barrels must be tilted and emptied into machinery or filling lines throughout the manufacturing process.

Because a barrel can weigh anywhere from 40 to 250 kilograms, such operations are extremely difficult. As a result, relying on manual labor is impossible without violating general health and safety regulations. Lifting and transporting big drums will seriously harm the physical well-being of industrial workers in the long run.

Drum lifters, drum porters, drum stackers, drum tippers, drum tipplers, and drum handling attachments for forklifts are all available to assist you with this difficult task. Drum handlers are mechanical devices that grip, hoist, and carry cylindrical modules such as steel drums, barrels, plastic drums, and fiber drums. It has metal arms that are spring-loaded to provide a firm and secure grasp.

Drum handlers range from forklift attachments with fork pockets to pedestrian-operated drum handlers with wheels and castors that allow you to move your drum safely and securely in the way that suits you.

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TYPE OF Drum Equipments

Drum Trucks

Drum Stacker/ Drum Tilter

Overhead Drum Handling Equipment

Drum Handling Forklift Attachments


Swift Drum Loader/Unloader – DTF450

Easily glides over pallet, to quickly load or unload (30 or 55 gallons) drums. Lifts up to 450kg load capacity.

Manual Drum Stacker/ Tilter – DA SERIES

Locks the drum in vertical position to avoid spills or horizontal. Lifts up to 400kg load capacity.

Vertical Drum Lifter / Dispenser – LM800/LG800

One person operation, saves time, reduces spilling wastage, and improves productivity.

Ali Grip Forklift Drum Grab – DG SERIES

Carry one or two drums by the automatic grip lock, maintaints a positive grip over rough floor surface.

Drum Racking – UR55

Stacks drums easily and safely. Optimise drum storage space. Holds up to 250kg X2 per rack.

Drum Cradles – DF10

Polyester webbing strap available to securely clamp drum to stand during loading,unloading and transporting.

Mobile Drum Carrier – HD80A

Drum can be locked/unlocked to vertical position to avoid spills, or horizontal position for draining through the faucet.

Drum Lifter Clamp – DL500

Conforms to EC council directive 98/37/EC machinery, American standard ANSI/ASME B30.



Heavy drums should always be moved with proper drum equipment specifically designed for that purpose. Mishandling a heavy drum can cause serious injury, damage the drum, waste valuable contents or contaminate the environment. All employees who handle drums should be trained in proper procedures and use of drum equipment.

It is important to be aware of the environment that the drum handler will be used in. Consideration should be given to the working conditions as well as any restrictions. The dimensions of the attachment should be checked against any restrictions you may have in your workplace, i.e. lift height, the height receptacle that the drum is being dispensed into or what type of contents are in the drum.

Each 55 gallon drum lifting device is designed with specific features and capacities. Hence, take your time to decide which 55 gallon drum handler you need.

But, if you only need to transport drums, you should buy a drum handling hand truck. However, it is important that the drum is secure in place. So, using a pallet truck or pallet jack will not suffice.

Moreover, drum handling equipment forklift attachment is better to save space. Also, you can control the tilt of the drums with a forklift overhead drum lift.

Support the leaning drum with your thigh, and face it the way you will travel. Then roll the drum on its lower rim by rotating the upper rim hand over hand.

To lift an empty drum, squat, then straighten your legs. DO NOT bend your back. Correct posture and placement of hands and feet is essential when handling drums.

When rolling an empty drum on its side control it all the way, using your gloved hands. Never roll a drum out of a truck or past a blind corner without posting a guard.

Be alert for burred edges, lock rings and bungs that may catch your gloves or clothing and throw you off balance.

A partially filled drum may not seem heavy, but shifting contents can make it difficult to handle. It may roll unpredictably and be difficult to control. Handle it carefully to avoid damage and accidents.

Drum handlers are available to safely move heavy steel, fiber and plastic drums.

Specially designed drum trucks are a much safer alternative for moving drums

Forklift drum movers are a great time saver for high volume drum applications, like loading and unloading trucks.