WHAT IS Trolley

A warehouse is a place where you must work harder to manage things efficiently; if they are not well organized, they will take up more room. In a warehouse, you must regularly shift a large number of products; this can be tough if done manually, and it also consumes a lot of energy, lowering your productivity.

Platform trolleys, also known as hand truck trolleys, are the greatest choice for decreasing your efforts and conserving your energy. This commodities moving equipment is made to transport large and bulky products with ease.

They’re useful when manually transporting big goods over long distances would be dangerous or demanding for your body. The main benefit of using one is that it allows you to easily transport objects from one location to another while also allowing you to carry heavier loads than you could physically.

You’ll note that the item is designed simply so that you and your team can get started using it right away. The majority of models will have a flat platform with four casters (wheels) and a fixed handle that may be used to push or pull the platform and the weight it’s carrying.

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Two Tiers Plastic Platform Trolley – PG SERIES

Two tiers/layers of platforms. Holds up to 300kg load capacity.

Three Tiers Plastic Platform Trolley – PN SERIES

Three tiers/layers of platforms. Holds up to 300kg load capacity.

Super Heavy Duty Steel Platform Trolley – YF/ XF/ ZF SERIES

Dual swivel, dual rigid bolt on castors. Holds up to 900kg load capacity.

Multipurpose Portable Mini Trolley – TR100

Strong aluminium tubular frame cart is lightweight. Holds up to 100kg load capacity.

Stainless Steel Platform Trolley – ST SERIES

Heavy duty, general purpose trolleys. Holds up to 100kg load capacity.

Plastic Platform Trolley – PC SERIES

Available in fixed or foldable handles. Holds up to 300kg load capacity.

Heavy Duty Platform Trolley – TD SERIES

 Super heavy duty platform trolley for industrial application. Holds up to 250kg capacity.

Heavy Duty Large Platform Trolley – LP / DP SERIES

Anti slip platform. 2 fixed, 2 swivel, castor wheels. Holds up to 300kg capacity.



There are a lot of benefits to employing one of these durable and heavy-duty goods-moving devices. Manually transporting heavy or uneven material can be difficult, which is where one of these can come in handy, as they make the procedure easier and safer for you, your staff, and anybody else moving items on your site.

Most trolleys include a grip where the load sits to keep it in place and prevent it from becoming unstable. This means that anyone operating this equipment won’t have to worry about the weight slipping or becoming unstable.

The wheels enable smooth transportation as long as there are no obstacles in the surrounding region, allowing you to easily move goods around your floor space.

When a machine mover isn’t up to the task, platform trolleys can be used to transport things that are broader and oddly shaped from one location to another.

There is always a risk when lifting big items, and that is where this product may help considerably reduce the chance of damage and personal injury.

Platform trolleys are meant to take the heavy lifting out of transferring goods, both little and large, so the operator and person moving the item are less stressed and the item is transported safely and easily.

It’s important to remember not to try to surpass the capacity of the model you have because this could damage the things it’s moving and make it less efficient.

If you’re transporting big things, always wear the proper safety gear, such as appropriate safety apparel, gloves, and boots, to prevent bodily injury to the operator.

There may be various needs of a business that should be considered. This is why platform trolleys offer a diverse range of applications and functions, enhancing their value in the workplace. A variety of things influence it, including the product’s nature, weight, form, and size.

If a warehouse platform trolley is made of sturdy material with no sharp edges, it is called excellent quality. Platform trolleys are available in a variety of weight segments ranging from 25 to 2000 kg. As a result, you can make a decision based on your business requirements.

Metal, wood, or ABS plastic can be used to make the trolley’s base. Customers like platform trolleys with an ABS plastic base because they are inexpensive, simple to use, and quick to clean. In comparison to other materials, it is long-lasting and powerful.

If you need to transport material with extensive lengths, racks can be added to assure product safety. The wheel’s size and form are determined by the type of surface on which the trolley will be utilized.

If you need to weigh a large load, choose a trolley with polyurethane wheels. If your trolley will be utilized on an uneven surface, choose one with air-filled pneumatic casters.

If you take good care of your trolley, it will last a long time and keep you safe. Here are a few pointers to remember:

  1. Manual handling standards require that all handling equipment be maintained on a regular basis, therefore trolleys should all have wheels that have been examined for quality and replaced if worn out.
  2. Maintain the cleanliness and condition of your trolley by storing it in a clean and dry location. Examining welds for cracks or damage
  3. The trolley should never be loaded beyond the maximum capacity. Always ask the supplier for guidance on which trolley is ideal for the job.