Pallet Tilter (1000kg)

Enhance workplace safety and efficiency with our LT Series Pallet Tilter, designed for ergonomic load handling and adherence to stringent safety standards.


Pallet Tilter (LT Series) Hand Pallet Truck engineered for ergonomic efficiency and safety in material handling tasks.

Standard Features:

  • Ergonomically designed to facilitate easy load access without bending or over-stretching.
  • Handle can be securely locked away from the work area.
  • Suitable for both sitting and standing positions.
  • Forks can tilt up to 90° for versatile handling.
  • Equipped with parking brake and foot protectors for added safety.
  • Conforms to EN1757-1 and EN 1175 standards for quality assurance.


Pallet Tilter (LT Series) specs

Lifting Height, Verticalh (mm)285
Min. Fork Heighth1 (mm)85
Fork Lengthl (mm)800
Handle HeightL1 (mm)1138
Overall Fork Widthd (mm)560
Width Between Forksb1 (mm)234
Fork Tip Length from RollerL2 (mm)135
Overall WidthB (mm)638
Overall LengthL (mm)1325
Overall Height, RaisedH (mm)950
Overall Height, LoweredH (mm)750
Load Centre Min. / Max.C1 (mm)200/400
Load Centre Min. / Max.C2 (mm)200/420
Power Unit(kW/V)-
Net Weight(kg)178