Weighing Scale Manual Hand Pallet Truck (2300kg)

Experience precision and durability on the move with our Advanced Mobile Weighing Cart, featuring high accuracy, water resistance, and a compact design.


Advanced Mobile Weighing Cart (ZF Series) Hand Pallet Truck, engineered for precision and durability in dynamic environments.

Standard Features:

  • Fixed load cell mounting ensures high accuracy.
  • Resistant to water and humidity for reliable performance.
  • Single circuit board design enhances long-term reliability.
  • Lower power consumption with auto shut-off feature for extended battery life.
  • Summation of weights with sequence number and auto tare function.
  • Exceptional accuracy even under non-optimal floor conditions.
  • High-contrast display for easy readability in any lighting condition.
  • Robust construction with no loose connectors for extended product life.
  • Optional integrated thermal printer for convenient documentation.

ZF Model:

  • Compact electronics designed specifically for mobile weighing.
  • Durable housing protects against impacts and vibrations.


Capacitylbs (kg)5000 (2300)
Max. Fork Heightinch (mm)8.1 or 7.7 (205 or 195)
Min. Fork Heightinch (mm)3.35 or 2.95 (85 or 78)
Fork Lengthinch (mm)45 (1150)
Fork Widthinch (mm)7 (180)
Width Overall Forksinch (mm)22 (555)
Net Weightlbs (kg)257 (117)