Special Fork for Rolls Manual Hand Pallet Truck (1500kg / 1800kg) Suitable For Rolls/Coils/Drums

Precision-engineered Reel Carrying Truck effortlessly transports rolls of paper, carpet, textiles, and more.


Rolls Carrying Hand Pallet Truck (HR Series), the ultimate solution for effortless handling of rolls of paper, carpet, textiles, and more. Crafted with precision engineering and ergonomic design, this truck ensures smooth movement and optimal safety for your transport needs.

Standard Features:

  • Specially designed for handling rolls of paper, carpet, textiles, or similar materials.
  • Precision ball bearing centered wheels for smooth and light movement.
  • Choice of single load wheel (standard in Malaysia and Indonesia) or double load wheel (standard in Thailand).
  • Conforms to EN-1757-2 standards.
  • Ergonomically designed handle with comfortable rubber grip for safety and comfort.
  • Three operational levers for lifting, transporting, and lowering purposes.
  • Excellent galvanized hydraulic pump for durability and precise control over lowering speed, with overload valve for added safety and low routine maintenance.


Special Fork for Rolls spec

Min. Roll Diameter(mm)⌀500⌀700⌀800
Max. Roll Diameter(mm)⌀800⌀1300⌀1400
Max. Roll Length(mm)150015001500
Fork Overall Width(mm)8609901030
Fork Length(mm)135013501350
Rear Wheel(mm)⌀200⌀200⌀200
Net Weight(kg)130140155