Manual Winch – PNW series



PNW type manual hand Winch is a new model of manual winch. Compared with other winches, it is more convenient in use, more easy in operation and more widely use. It is mainly applied for cross-country vehicle, agriculture vehicle, pleasure-boat and other special vehicle. It is the device of self-protection and pulling of vehicles and boats, and also may be used for saving in snowfield, marshland, desert, sea beach, muddy patch and other adverse circumstances. It may be operated for clearing away obstacles, pulling mater and installation. It is the necessary safe device of mine, environment protection, forestry transportation, fire fighting and other open field.


The main advantages of PNW type manual hand Winch in manufacturing and use are as follows:

  1. Adopting lever handle, either may shake operation along the whole circle, or may swing operation at any angle in the any position of circle. It has unique advantage in the narrow space.
  2. The gear box and braking mechanism are designed with sealed structure to avoid foreign matter entering the gear box and braking mechanism, and affect the normal operation.
  3. The braking material is made of environment material and is more suitable for the normal operation.
  4. The new brake pawlis designed for more better ensuring the stability of braking.
  5. The Handle is adopted free structure to adjust the length of Handle freely.
  6. The ratchet is big enough to contain more wire rope and more suitable for the operation in deep well and drawing of long distance.