Pressure Plunger Pump

Interpump Pressure Plunger Pump Up to 400 Bar


High Pressure Plunger Pumps


Annovi Reverberi (AR), Interpump, Pratissoli, High pressure plunger pumps (high pressure piston pump), up to 1500 Bar

-Made in Italy

-Wide range of accessories and spare parts for various kinds of complete built:

a) Filter
b) Nozzle
c) Rotary nozzle
d) Pipe cleaning nozzle
e) Foot valve
f) Pneumatic valve
g) Pulsation Dampener
h) Safety valve
i) Unloader valve
j) Pressure regulator
k) Sand blasting kit
l) Analogue/ Digital pressure gauge
m) Lance & Gun
n) Various spare parts for Annovi Reverberi (AR), Interpump, Pratissoli pumps


-Wide range of application:

a) High-pressure cleaning
b) Petrol and chemical industry
c) Paper mills
d) Mills
e) Reverse osmosis for water desalination
f) Construction sites
g) High pressure cutting
h) Air conditioning (cooling and humidification)
i) Tool cooling on lathes, work centers, etc.
j) Hydro-sandblasting
k) Agriculture, crop-dusting
l) Hydrostatical test
m) Car washing


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