Winch Manual Hand Stacker (250kg/500kg/1000kg)

Experience reliable and safe lifting with our Winch (WS Series), featuring a compact, maintenance-free design and robust construction.


Winch Stacker (WS Series) is engineered for reliable and safe lifting with a compact, maintenance-free design.

Standard Features:

  • Unique winch design ensures effortless and secure lifting operations.
  • Robust construction and adjustable fork width for versatile handling.
  • Equipped with parking brakes for additional safety protection.
  • Capable of lifting loads up to 1000kg with ease.
  • Backed by up to 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Features a fully welded structural steel frame with precision sealed ball bearings.
  • Smooth railing polyurethane over steel wheels for smooth movement.


Load Centre(mm)400500575
Max. Fork Height(mm)156015601500
Lowered Fork Height(mm)909088
Fork Adjustable Width(mm)150-690160-690540 Fixed
Fork Length(mm)80010001150
Fork Width(mm)6070160
Effort Force to Rated Load(N)100120100
Lifting Height per Stroke(mm)40229.5
Ground Clearance(mm)181824
Min. Turning Radius (outside)(mm)107510751250
Front Load Roller(mm)⌀80x47⌀80x47⌀80x94
Steering Wheel(mm)⌀150x40⌀150x40⌀150x50
Overall Size (LxWxH)(mm)1325x725x20301325x725x20301600x725x1930
Net Weight(kg)140146182