Mini Winch Manual Hand Stacker (120kg)

Effortlessly maneuver loads in tight spaces with our Mini Winch Stacker – PM120, designed for ease of operation and versatility.


Mini Winch Stacker – PM120, meticulously engineered for effortless operation and versatility in various environments.

Standard Features:

  • Lightweight design, operated effortlessly by hand winch, ideal for supermarket, office, warehouse, and narrow areas.
  • Fully welded structural steel frame ensures durability, complemented by precision sealed ball bearings.
  • Unique winch design enables easier and safer lifting operations.
  • Equipped with smooth railing polyurethane over steel wheels for smooth movement.
  • Adjustable fork for versatile handling.


Lifting Height(mm)1050
Min. Fork height(mm)95
Fork Length(mm)400
Individual Fork Width(mm)50
Fork Width(mm)adjustable 345-485mm
Load Wheel(mm)⌀50x20
Steering Wheel(mm)⌀200/50-140
Net Weight(kg)31