Manual Tube Bender – HHW 25S

Manual Pipe Bender – HHW 25S


  • It is mounted solidly onto the bench and comes with extension handle and 7 x 180° bending shoes included. The bending shoes can be changed in seconds and the small roller is adjustable for pressure by moving the thumb screw inside the main arm.
  • All dies are made of steel and nearly unbreakable.
  • Comes delivered in a heavy duty moulded plastic carry case with handle.
  • Optimum bending results without deformation or ripples.
  • Universal applications: U-bends, counter-bends, swan-neck bends and connecting bends possible at all levels.
  • Top quality, precise and simple to use.


Specification of Manual Tube Bender (1)Specification of Manual Tube Bender (2)