Manual Lift & Tilt Table 150kg/400kg/800kg

Enhance your material handling efficiency with our Manual Lift & Tilt Table, capable of lifting up to 800kg. This ergonomic table, featuring a foot-actuated hydraulic cylinder and automatic tilt function, allows for easy loading and unloading of heavy loads, reducing the risk of injury. Ideal for various industrial applications, this durable lift table also includes dual steering wheel brakes for increased safety and reliability.


Our Manual Lift & Tilt Table is designed to streamline your workflow, allowing operators to handle heavy loads with ease. This versatile table, operated by a foot-actuated hydraulic cylinder, automatically tilts up to 45 degrees at max height, facilitating quick and safe feeding and unloading of parts from tote boxes or containers without the need for lifting, bending, or stretching.

Standard Features:

  • Foot-actuated hydraulic cylinder for effortless operation
  • Automatic tilt function up to 45 degrees at maximum height
  • Enables quick and ergonomic loading and unloading
  • Dual steering wheel brakes for enhanced safety
  • Lifts up to 800kg load capacity
  • Includes a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Optimize your productivity with our reliable and efficient Manual Lift & Tilt Table.


Table SizeLxW (mm)830x500830x520830x520
DimensionsM (mm)830830930
DimensionsN (mm)748830830
Table HeightH1 (Min./Max.) (mm)415/880435/900440/1000
Table HeightH2 (Min./Max.) (mm)415/1400435/1560438/1570
Handle HeightH3 (mm)110011301130
Wheel Diameter(mm)⌀125⌀150⌀150
Ovreall SizeBxC (mm)500x1010520x1355520x1355
Foot Pedal to Max. Height205580
Net Weight(kg)92123145