Manual Hydraulic Lift Table Up to 2700kg

Enhance your industrial operations with our Manual Hydraulic Lift Table, designed to handle loads up to 2700kg. Ideal for adjustable workbenches, die handling, and conveyor operations, this heavy-duty lift table features a reliable foot brake and smooth-rolling castors for optimal safety and mobility. Invest in durability and efficiency with our top-rated lift table, perfect for punch presses, brake presses, and maintenance tasks.


Optimize your workspace with our Manual Hydraulic Lift Table, engineered for heavy-duty applications and designed to enhance productivity and safety. Perfect for various industrial tasks, including die handling, conveyor operations, and maintenance activities, this lift table ensures smooth and efficient performance.

Standard Features:

  • Versatile usage as an adjustable workbench, welder’s positioning table, or leveling table.
  • Ideal for handling tasks with punch presses, brake presses, and loading/unloading trucks.
  • Equipped with two poly swivel and two rigid castors for effortless mobility.
  • Includes a reliable foot brake for enhanced safety.
  • Capable of lifting up to 2700kg load capacity.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


Min. Height(mm/inch)740/29760/30760/30760/30760/30
Raised Height(mm/inch)1170/461220/481220/481220/481220/48
Table Size(mm/inch)410x410/16x16460x460/18x18460x915/18x36610x915/24x36815x1220/32x48
Diameter of Castor(mm/inch)75/3100/4100/4100/4100/4
Net Weight(kg)34.5/7669.5/15390.5/202102/225140/308
Min. Height(mm/inch)940/37940/37940/37940/37940/37940/37
Raised Height(mm/inch)1500/591500/591500/591500/591500/591500/59
Table Size(mm/inch)610x915/24x36815x1220/32x48610x915/24x36815x1220/32x48610x915/24x36815x1220/32x48
Diameter of Castor(mm/inch)150(125)/6150(125)/6150(125)/6150(125)/6150(125)/6150(125)/6
Net Weight(kg)187/412240/528187/412240/528187/412240/528