Low Profile Electric Lift Table – Low Height Up to 2000kg

Enhance your operations with our Low Profile Electric Lift Table, designed for up to 2000kg loads. Featuring a robust build and compact design compliant with European standards (EN1570:1999), it includes safety features like an aluminium safety bar and hose burst safety valve. Perfect for industrial settings, it offers remote controls, IP54 protection, and easy maintenance with oil-free bushings.


Discover unparalleled efficiency with our Low Profile Electric Lift Table, engineered to handle up to 2000kg loads with ease. Built to European standards (EN1570:1999), this robust design features a larger platform and minimal collapsed height, making it ideal for diverse industrial applications. Enjoy enhanced safety features including an aluminium safety bar and hose burst safety valve, coupled with a remote power pack and IP54 protection for reliable performance in demanding environments.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy-duty construction with a larger platform and low collapsed height
  • Remote power pack with pedestal and IP54 protected controls
  • Aluminium safety bar on upper platform to prevent descent on obstruction contact
  • 24V control box with Raising and Lowering buttons and emergency stop
  • External power pack with pressure relief valve and flow control valve
  • Hose burst safety valve for added safety
  • Removable lifting eyes for easy handling and installation
  • Oil-free bushings on pivot points for reduced maintenance
  • Quick assembly join for hydraulic hose
  • Lifts up to 2000kg load capacity
  • Up to 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects




Platform SizeLxW (mm)1450x14401600x11401450x8001600x8001600x10001600x8001600x10001600x12001600x12001600x1000
Min. Height(mm)8585858585105105105105105
Max. Height(mm)860860860860860870870870870870
Lift Time(s)25252525253030303035
Power Pack415V/50Hz, AC0.7kW415V/50Hz, AC0.7kW415V/50Hz, AC0.7kW415V/50Hz, AC0.7kW415V/50Hz, AC0.7kW415V/50Hz, AC1.5kW415V/50Hz, AC1.5kW415V/50Hz, AC1.5kW415V/50Hz, AC2.2kW415V/50Hz, AC2.2kW
Net Weight(kg)357364326332352367401415419405