Loading Platform Electric Lift Table 2500kg

Experience seamless loading and unloading with our Heavy Duty Electric Lift Table, supporting up to 2500kg. Ideal for industrial applications, this platform meets EN1570:1999 standards and features a remote power pack, IP54 protection, and robust safety features like hose burst valves. Enhance efficiency and safety with our reliable lift solution.


Unlock superior efficiency with our Loading Platform Electric Lift Table, designed to effortlessly handle loads up to 2500kg. Perfect for seamless loading and unloading operations between ground and containers or trucks, this heavy-duty solution boasts a larger platform and low collapsed height for optimal functionality. Engineered to meet stringent European standards (EN1570:1999), it features:

  • Remote power pack with pedestal and IP54 protection for controls
  • 24V control box with Raising and Lowering buttons and emergency stop
  • External power pack equipped with pressure relief valve and flow control valve
  • Hose burst safety valve prevents lowering in case of hose breakage
  • Removable lifting eyes for easy handling and installation
  • Oil-free bushings on pivot points for reduced maintenance
  • Quick assembly joint for hydraulic hose
  • Lift capacity of up to 2500kg
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Elevate your operational efficiency with our reliable and robust lift table, ensuring safety and performance in every lift.




Lowered Height(mm)140
Raised Height(mm)1700
Platform SizeLxW (mm)2000x2600
Base Frame Size(mm)1900x2510
Lift Time(s)60~70
Power Pack415V/50Hz, AC2.2kW
Net Weight(kg)1700