HSH-A820 Lever Block


  • Two points support, the driving shaft is fixed by cantilever structure. The hand wheel is cast steel, more compact and reliable operation.
  • The friction disc and ratchet as replacement parts, more convenient. Out of gear design makes it easier to adjust load chain position.
  • The material of hook is alloy steel, passed heat treatment. It includes cast safety latch.
  • Compact and higher strength lever, it’s suit to narrow space operation. The material of handle sleeve is specialty elastomer, higher strength and higher temperature resistance.
  • Grade 80 Electrophoresis load chain. The stamping enlarged end ring supports 2.5times of rated load.
  • Brake seat and driving shaft connected by involute splinnes, brake effect is higher and the parts is easy disassembly.
  • Roller bearing on both side plate, smooth operation.