Full Electric Reach Stacker (1500kg) (1.6m/2.5m)

Enhance safety and efficiency in material handling with our XR Electric Reach Stacker, featuring advanced features for versatile load handling and precise control.


XR Electric Reach Stacker, meticulously crafted with advanced features to enhance safety and efficiency in material handling.

Standard Features:

  • Reach function extends fork by 580mm for versatile load handling.
  • Tilt-forward/backward fork design ensures safer load manipulation.
  • Utilizes Germany Mannstaedt forklift profile for mast construction.
  • Equipped with SWISS BUCHER or ITALY HYDRAPP Hydraulic pump for reliable performance.
  • Features regenerative braking function and CURTIS electronic controller for precise control.
  • Germany Frei handle ensures comfortable operation.
  • Battery side extraction allows for convenient battery replacement and maintenance.
  • Enhanced safety features include emergency reversing device and power disconnect switch.
  • Braking applied in both upright and horizontal handle positions for added safety.
  • Built-in pressure relief valve protects against overloads, enhancing reliability.

For detailed specifications, please feel free to contact us.


Product ModelXR15
IdentificationPower SupplyElectric
Operating TypeStanding
Load CapacityQ (kg)1500
Load Center DistanceC (mm)500
Load DistanceX (mm)446
WheelbaseY (mm)1440
WeightWeight (without battery)(kg)1700
Axle Loading, Loaded drive end/load end(kg)1338/2112
Axle Loading, Unloaded drive end/load end(kg)1372/578
Tyre Size Drive End(mm)⌀230x75
Tyre Size Load end(mm)⌀210x85
Balancing Wheel Size(mm)⌀125x60
Wheel Number (x=drive wheel) drive end/load end1x-2/2
DimensionsHeight data is on the bottom - Height data choices
Forks Height, Loweredh5, (mm)35
Height of Handle in Drive Position (Max./Min)h6, (mm)1380/1020
Overall LengthL1, (mm)2325
Length of Face of ForksL2, (mm)1185
Overall Widthb1, (mm)1090
Fork Dimensions (Forging)s/e/l100/35/1070
Forks Widthb3, (mm)200-730
Reach LengthL3, (mm)580
Minimum Ground Clearancem, (mm)55
Aisle Width for Pallets (1000x1200) LengthwaysAst mm2742
Aisle Width for Pallets (800x1200) LengthwaysAst mm2780
Turning RadiusWa, (mm)1725
Inside Width Between the Guidesb4, (mm)780
PerformanceTravel Speed, loaded/unloaded(km/h)4.8/5.6
Lift Speed, loaded/unloaded(mm/s)90/120
Lowering Speed(mm/s)125/80
Max Gradeability%5/8
Service BrakeElectromagnetic
Electric MotorDrive Motor Rating(kW)1.5 (AC)
Lift Motor Rating(kW)2.2
Battery Voltage / NominalV/Ah24/240
Battery Weight(kg)240
OthersType of Drive ControlMOSFET Control
Noise Level at Operator's(dB(A))<70
ModelMast TypeLiftHeight with Mast ClosedFree LiftHeight with Mast Extended
h3 (mm)h1 (mm)h2 (mm)h4 (mm)