Fork Extensions – EX series


Extension Fork
Type EX open-end extension fork sleeve

  • Heavy-duty,high-strength,8mm thick high-quality steel plate, strong and durable.
  • Suitable for operating large or long pallets
  • The bottom is open type, easy to install.
  • The end part is welded with steel snap ring to ensure that the extended fork will not slide during use.
  • Sell by a pair (two pieces).
    Note: When there is no suitable product, we can tailor-make it for you.


  • The length of cargo fork after lengthening shall not exceed 150% of the length of the original cargo fork.
  • It is recommended that the forklift truck be fitted with the harness with the written consent of the forklift truck manufacturer.
  • The lengthened fork length shall not exceed 150% of the original fork length, that is, the lengthened fork length shall not be installed on the original fork length less than the minimum fit fork length.
  • The load decay curve of the forklift must be considered to ensure the safety.
  • Lengthening fork each beyond the original fork 25 mm, the load will be reduced according to the following theoretical data:
  • 2000kg forklift: 77kg/25mm
  • 2300kg forklift: 73kg/25mm
  • 2500kg forklift: 70kg/25mm