Drum Cradle Transporter – DF series


1. Carry full weight of drum during transport;
2. Move and turn easily on four 8″ nylon wheels;
3. Unit doubles as a drum cradle for storage and dispensing all in one;
4. This drum truck inclines to stand about angle 45°;
5. This unique design also allows the operator to place drums and retrieve off of a pallet;
6. Accommodates 55-gallon steel, plastic, or fiber drums;
7. Powder coat finish;
8. Forged steel toe prongs;
9. Specially shaped to ease pick-up of drum;
10. Hands are protected within U-shaped handle;
11. Optional galvanized surface product DF20, and stainless steel material DF20A and DF20B;


Specification of Drum Cradle Transporter – DF series