360 Spring Level Loader


The 360 Spring Level Loader a.k.a. 360 Spring Lift Table is an economical solution for pallet building and work positioning for many applications. Requiring no power, the positioner comes with three springs for maximum load weight leveling. Easily remove one or two springs for lighter load requirements.

As weight is added to the Spring Level Loader, it causes the springs to compress, lowering the height of the platform. As weight is removed, the springs expand, raising the height of the platform. Once properly calibrated for the maximum load weight, the lift will automatically stay at an ergonomic height.

Load weight range is up to 2000kg. The standard turntable allows for 360° rotation for easy load access. Fork pockets also come standard for repositioning of the spring level loader.

New Stainless Steel model now available with galvanized springs and a stainless steel frame.